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Bruce Edwards

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Bruce Edwards
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Home Dog Training of South Florida - Dog Guard of South Florida
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3260 SW 139th Terrace
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United States
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We have been successfully creating great dogs for happy families in South Florida for over 12 years.

Our expertise and methods are approved by local Veterinarians and we have taught Canine Safety and Behavioral Classes for Vet Techs across South Florida.

Having trained over 4,000 dogs, our methods are simple to learn and deliver immediate results. Our techniques are "dog friendly" and naturally encourage a lasting bond between your family and your dog. Any breed, any age, any problem; we teach you how to be your dog's best friend.

We can also help you if your dog is constantly escaping from your yard. We are distributors for Dog Guard Out of Sight Dog Fences and can provide you with a complete canine containment solution. We design and install the containment system and then provide you with the training you will need to keep your dog on your property.
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Our training programs are performed in your home or anywhere the problem occurs.

We find that fixing the problem at it's source is the most effective and permanent method of providing you with the results you need. We work with you and your dog to train you how to be your dog's leader and care-giver. We do this through teaching you how your dog sees the world, how he thinks, how he learns, and how he communicates.

The great aspect of our teaching methodology is that you don't need additional, expensive equipment to accomplish your goals. Once we have taught you to "be a dog", you can successfully understand all dogs.

Our Dog Guard System works in much the same manner. The one thing that we really like about the system is it's quality construction and fact that it is manufactured in the USA. We use the system in conjunction with our dog training methodology to let your dog want to stay at home. The results are normally delivered in a matter of a few days.
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