Public Access For Service Dogs

What Does “Service Animal Public Access” Mean?


Working service animals cannot be denied access to any environment or situation that the public is granted access nor can they be segregated to a particular section of the business.


These animals can be seen working with their individuals with disabilities in:

  • restaurants
  • airplanes
  • movie theatres
  • sport stadiums
  • public restrooms
  • taxicabs
  • buses
  • subways
  • shopping malls
  • department and grocery stores


People who use service animals cannot be charged any additional fees because of their disabilities or the presence of their animals.  This applies to all public businesses, including:

  • hotels
  • airlines
  • taxis
  • rental properties, including living quarters


Can a Business Owner Question if the dog is a service animal?

If the dog or horse is not clearly identified as a service animal through vest, harness, or other equipment, then business staff may ask only the following questions to determine if the animal is a Service Animal:


  1. “Is this a service animal?”


  1. “What tasks does this animal provide for you?”


More Questions?

 Contact the U.S. Department of Justice ADA Information Line:

          800-514-0301 (voice); 800-514-0383 (TTY); or