What If The Animal Is Bad?

Quietly ask the manager to speak to the handler to remove the animal for:

  • growling at patrons
  • lifting its leg, urinating or marking
  • barking inappropriately
  • eating off the floor or tables
  • unwanted approaching of other patrons
  • lunging at patrons or other animals
  • disruptive behavior or the animal is requiring excessive efforts from the handler to control the animal’s behavior

 If the dog or miniature horse is not clearly identified as a service animal, through vest, harness, or other equipment, then staff may ask only the following questions:

1.   “Is this a service animal?”

2.   “What tasks does this animal provide for you?”

 The Department of Justice does ask the business staff/manager to determine if the handler needs assistance in completing the tasks without the service animal on the premises.

 The business staff/manager is encouraged to document the incident clearly and thoroughly.  Suspected fraudulent use of a service animal can be reported to local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies.

 These guidelines are also available on the website: