IACP's Ambassadors Program

The IACP Board of Directors realizes that there are members who go above and beyond to make the IACP the wonderful organization that it is.

The IACP Ambassador Program is our way of recognizing those members and their contributions. The Board used the 2012 conference in Orlando to launch the program and grant the distinction of “IACP Ambassador” to the seven members who were in attendance that we believe embrace the standards of professionalism, helpfulness, kindness, open-mindedness, and contribution that makes the IACP unique among all canine organizations.


Ambassadors actively participate on a committee. They are people who conduct themselves in an industrious and courteous manner, and seek to further our organizational goals. They are punctual with their input and respectful in their manner. They can be found volunteering at events such as the annual conference, regional gatherings, or in many other roles.

Promote IACP
Those who work IACP into their conversations with clients and other dog professionals, declare the benefits and encourage others to join. When they promote their business at events, or talking to local vets, they talk about the advantages of belonging to the IACP.

Enhance the Membership Experience of Others
Ambassadors regularly assist others on IACP discussion lists by offering gentle guidance and useful contributions for those members seeking to gain knowledge and improve their business. These posts will maintain the ideals of professionalism, helpfulness, kindness, and open-mindedness embodied by the IACP mantra. Ambassadors also freely offer time in helping other members achieve their goals, suggesting ways to work through difficult times, or adding tools to their toolbox, etc...outside of the lists. Teachers will be considered under this category if they offer regular and significant discounts to members or offer scholarships.

Members who regularly and consistently refer people to join the organization as well as encouraging current members to continue belonging to the IACP are perfect candidates for ambassadorship.

IACP Ambassador Perks!

The IACP will make every effort to recognize the contributions of it's members. We also hope that this will encourage others in our vastly talented groups to begin offering their skill and time towards making the IACP even better!

  • IACP Ambassador Patches/Pins for their clothing
  • Special logo to put on website
  • Mention in Canine Professional Journal


Mary Mazzeri
Cyndy Douan
Heather Beck
George Cockrell
Brother Christopher
Marc Goldberg
Marlys Staley
Arno Brosky
Leslie Horton
Wendy Volhard
Bob Jervis
Behesha Doan
Guy Kantak
Aimee Sadler
Mailey McLaughlin
Tracy Atkins


Pat Trichter
Denise Collins
Tod McVicker
Melanie Benware
Amanda Nepomuceno


Monica Davis
Suzanne Hantke
Trish Schommer
Brad Strickland
Peter Van Barneveld


James Hamm
Karen Laws
Tawni McBee
Jagannathan Rangarajan
Kristi Smith
Elizabeth Vasconi


Barbara DeGroodt


Chad Mackin
Tyler Muto
Brian Bergford
John Imler
Michelle Khol
Jason Vasconi
Christina Doughty
Niharika Gandhi