The Education and Certification Committee (ECC) will be taking the CDT, CDTA, and PDTI exams offline from June 15, 2020 until September 7, 2020.  The ECC will take this time to revise the current Certified Dog Trainer (CDT) exam to improve clarity on components needed for evaluation. In a few months, the ECC will unveil the revised CDT exam (version 1.9). 

We know how hard our members work to gather the materials needed to submit their exams, and we want the process of submission to be clear and easy.  Exams that have already been submitted prior to June 15, 2020 will be graded in a timely manner.  Any member who is working on an exam and is close to having all the materials ready is welcome to submit by June 15th, 2020.  Members who have fully completed at least one case study must submit the Exam Application and Registration Fee by June 15, 2020 in order for IACP to accept any case studies that were initiated prior to September 7, 2020.  The revised CDT will have similar requirements to the one that currently exists. Thank you for your patience!