Certified Dog Trainer-Advanced (CDTA) Exam

   What is the Certified Dog Trainer-Advanced Exam?

The Certified Dog Trainer – Advanced exam allows  judges to observe, review, and evaluate your practical training skills, and especially your ability to work a dog through basic level training concepts. There are two ways to have your performance evaluated: via videotape exclusively, or by in-person evaluation and videotape.

(Download CDTA Handbook Here)


Who is eligible to take the test?

Applicants must have been professional members of IACP for at least one year. Applicants must already be an IACP Certified Dog Trainer (CDT) for one year and must have at least 5 years experience as a professional dog trainer. Anyone meeting these requirements is eligible to apply.

Maintaining Certification:

Continuing Education

IACP Certified Trainers-Advanced must complete 20 hours of continuing education every two years. Hours may be accumulated by attending seminars, lectures, workshops, conferences, and/or classes offered through educational institutions and accepted by IACP, NADOI, or APDT.  Proof must be submitted every two years using IACP official forms. This proof will be sent to the chair of the IACP DTCC.

10 hours must focus on Dog Behavior and Training.
10 hours may focus on:
a)    Professional Development
b)    People Skills or Communication Skills
c)    Instructing Skills
d)    If none of these educational topics are available, then a total of 20 hours of dog behavior and training will be accepted.

Please see the CEU page here or by going to drop down menu under education for details and access to the form.

If you have not submitted the CEU forms by the second anniversary date of your CDTA, your CDTA will be placed on suspended status for a period of 90 days, during which time you may not use the CDTA designation. Your CDTA will be reinstated if you meet the requirements within 90 days of suspension. If you do not meet the CEU requirements within this 90 day suspension grace period, your CDTA will be voided. If you wish to re-obtain your CDTA, you will be required to go through the full CDTA application and testing process again.

Membership Requirements

IACP CDTA holders are required to maintain their IACP Professional Membership, remain in good standing with the organization, and abide by the IACP’s Code of Conduct and certification policies. It is incumbent upon CDTA holders to be aware of their expiration date and and to renew membership before expiration. If your IACP membership should expire, a grace period of 90 days will be extended, after which your CDTA will be voided and you will be required to reapply and retest for the CDTA.

Any investigation of purported violation of the IACP Code of Conduct which results in a member being removed from the IACP membership shall also include removal of all IACP Certification. Any sanction placed on an IACP Member resulting from violation of the IACP Code of Conduct, shall also have sanctions placed on all IACP Certification Status. See certification rules and policies below.