The IACP Service Dog Committee is dedicated to the proper education of professional trainers, business owners and the public regarding the utilization and/or training of Service Dogs.

Service dog trainers should have an extensive knowledge in training public access and service dog tasking so that the dogs are reliable when working with persons with disabilities. It is in its commitments to these beliefs that the SD Committee has developed a comprehensive certification test for service dog trainers (CSDT).

The Certified Service Dog Trainer exam evaluates training skills and the trainer’s ability to utilize critical thinking skills when task-training service dogs.

Pre-Requisites for the test are:

  • Must be a Professional member of the IACP
  • Must be a IACP CDT
  • Must have been training and placing service dogs for the past 5 years

There two ways to be reviewed for certification as a Service Dog Trainer:

  • Videotape
  • Live-feed

Additionally, should a candidate need additional skill training, the Service Dog Committee is able to assign an experienced Service Dog Trainer to mentor the candidate in preparation for retaking the exam.

We are very proud to offer this to our fellow IACP canine professionals training service dogs. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact the IACP SD committee at SDcmte@canineprofessionals.com