IACP Approved Continued Education Unit Resources

To maintain your IACP CDTA and PDTI you must file your CEUs every two years.  Please send your CEUs all at once no more than 1 month prior to your 2 year anniversary date.  

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CONTINUING EDUCATION for CSDT: IACP Certified Service Dog Trainers-must complete 20 hours of continuing education every two years. 

For more information on CEU requirements for IACP Certified Service Dog Trainers click here.

IACP Dog Trainer Certification CEU application information

Please be aware - if you are applying to have your workshop or seminar recognized for CEUs for IACP there are two different certifications: Dog Trainer Certification and Service Dog Certification.  If you wish to be recognized for both, you will need to apply to both the Education and Certification Committee and the Service Dog Committee

There is no fee for applying to have your event recognized for CEUs toward the IACP CDTA and/or PDTI through the IACP Education and Certification Committee.  We do require that your workshop and presenters comply with the IACP Code of Conduct.

Please send the following information to [email protected] :
1.  Name, date(s) and location of your event.
2.  Presenters for your event.
3.  Materials covered in the event.
4.  Will any certifications be given at the end of your event?
5.  Are there any restrictions for attendees or their dogs at this event?
6.  Will this event be open to everyone or are there specifications?  (Ie: IACP members only, professionals only, clients only, etc.)
7.  Please send a copy, via email, of your event flyer including registration form.
8.  Any other information you think may be helpful in our decision making.

9.  You may apply for each event just prior to the event or you may apply for all events in one year if they are the same presentation each time.  Please apply in Dec. of the year prior for events the following year.

Please note that we ask that you give attendees a certificate that shows the number of instruction hours or the qualified CEUs at the end of the event to show their full attendance so they'll can make a copy to send in with their renewal forms.

Your event will be on our CEU page until after the event is over.

IACP CEU Approved Sites   

IACP Approved CEU Workshops/Seminars

  • Great Big Dog Workshop—From Theory to Practice with Christopher Pachel, DVM, DACVB, CABC - https://eastbayspca.org/what-we-do/guest-speakers/
  • Mark McCabe - Training Between the Ears.  Click here for more details and to register
  • Balance To A T workshop and retreat.  First Weekend in February.  Mesa, AZ.  Contact Tawni McBee at [email protected]
  • Balance To A T On The Road - Contact Tawni McBee at [email protected]
  • Laurie Wagner
  • Jason Vasconi's Large Field Socialization workshops
  • Jason Vasconi and Heather Beck's DDD workshops
  • Susan Smith of Raising Canine - webinars
  • Kayce Cover webinars and workshops
  • Mychelle Blake IAABC Conferences
  • Sarah Keck
  • Turid Rugaas workshops
  • E-Training for Dogs webinars-Click on "Online Learning": http://e-trainingfordogs.com
  • Natural Pets SD Seminar - Sheri Floyd
  • Fitness Foundation Seminar - Kirsten Holt
  • Brenda Aloff webinars
  • Duke Ferguson workshops
  • Wendy Volhard workshops
  • Dog Language and Applications (DLA) Workshop with Phyllis Smuland and Julie Hart.  https://caninecounselorinc.com/workshops
  • Nelson Hodges Courses and Workshops https://chrinstitute.com/
  • Chad Mackin Courses and Workshops
  • Leslie Horton - Service Dog Training Seminars
  • How To Train Your Service Dog - The NePoPo® Way
  • Working With Fearful Dogs – On-going webinar with Teoti Anderson

  • Structuring Training Classes Within a Daycare Environment - Webinar at https://myps.io/book/the-c-v-dog-club

  • Lifesaving Dogs: Water Rescue with the Dogs of the Italian School of Water Rescue Dogs & The American Academy of Canine Water Rescue - Webinar at GoodDogInABox.com
  • Fear Free Dog Grooming - Webinar at GoodDogInABox.com
  • Animal Assisted Therapy for Cardiovascular Conditions - Webinar at GoodDogInABox.com
  • Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas Safety with Kids & Dogs - Webinar at GoodDogInABox.com
  • When to Use a Veterinary Behaviorist, The "Psychiatrist" of the Dog World - Webinar at GoodDogInABox.com
  • Understanding How Behavior Works - Webinar at GoodDogInABox.com
  • General Impulse Control & Stress Reduction for All Dogs - Webinar at GoodDogInABox.com
  • Puppy Development - Webinar at GoodDogInABox.com
  • Pit Bulls And The Truth - Webinar at GoodDogInABox.com
  • Counter Conditioning - Reducing Stress in You and Your Dog - Webinar at GoodDogInABox.com
  • Dog Play for Adolescent & Adult Dogs - Webinar at GoodDogInABox.com
  • End of Life Education & Care for Pets - Webinar at GoodDogInABox.com
  • Precursors to Aggression - Online / On-Demand / On-Going at RaisingCanine.com
  • Keeping It Professional - Online / On-Demand / On-Going at RaisingCanine.com
  • Dog Etiquette In Public & At Home - Webinar at GoodDogInABox.com
  • Pet First Aid and CPR - Taught by Retired Fire Captain/Paramedic Sue Rutledge - All4PawsTraining.com - in Phoenix/Tempe, AZ