Continuing Education & Certification Renewal (CEU)

All IACP certified trainers (certificants), except those with a Dog Trainer Foundation Exam (DTFE) only, must renew their certification(s) every two years from the certification date.

A requirement for certification renewal is acquiring Continuing Education Units (CEUs). For complete information about Continuing Education Units, please read the Continuing Education Unit Program Policy. The chart below is a summary of the certification types and required CEUs.


For Service Dog Trainer Certification and Therapy Dog Program, please see the respective webpages.

If you have more than one certification, you only need to acquire the CEUs required for your highest level of certification. For example, if you have CDT and CDTA certifications, you will need to earn 20 CEUs for both certification renewals.

See the chart below for a summary of ways to earn CEUs. For a complete list of how to earn CEUs, please see the CEU policy linked here.

For a complete list of Pre-Approved CEU Opportunities please see this Spreadsheet. Please check back often as we are continually adding new options.

Below is a quick reference guide to CEU opportunities.

Pre-Approval for CEUs

Would you like your workshop, course or online webinar approved for IACP Dog Trainer CEU's? Are you an IACP certified trainer and would like a course pre-approved for CEU credit? Complete the Continuing Education Unit Pre-Approval Form and send the form, along with the requested supporting information, to certification@canineprofessionals.com. The Education and Certification Committee (ECC) will then review your request. If you have more than one course to be approved, please submit one form for EACH course. If approved, your event will be listed on the CEU Approved list on our website until the event is completed. There is no fee for pre-approval.

Please check back often as we are continually adding new options to the CEU Opportunities.