IACP Committees & Oversights

Certification Committee

Board Oversight: Christine Hixson
Committee Chair: Kim Barber
Committee Email: certification@canineprofessionals.com

Education Committee 

Board Oversight: Fabian Romo-Vargas
Committee Chair
Committee Email: education@canineprofessionals.com

Ethics Committee

Board Oversight: Christine Hixson
Committee Chair: Jim Mulholland
Committee Email: complaints@canineprofessionals.com

European Committee

Board Oversight: Martin Wright
Committee Chair: Patrick Lockett
Committee Email: europeancmte@canineprofessionals.com

Hall of Fame Committee

The IACP's Membership Hall of Fame Committee has been established to recognize and honor those within our membership whose dedication to the organization contributed to create a lasting legacy that all will benefit from.

Legislative Committee

The IACP Legislative Committee's intent is to promote the official positions of the IACP, and intervene in legislation that is not in alignment with those positions which is including but not limited to restricting tools or breed specific legislation.

Board Oversight: Marlene Ruiz
Committee Chair: Marcia Davey
Committee Email: legislativecmte@canineprofessionals.com

Marketing Committee

The IACP's Marketing Committee creates and promotes a unified and thoughtful brand image that coincides with the organization's core values, mission statement, and goals in order to increase member and community engagement, foster a community, and build pride in the organization.

Board Oversight: Tori Tilley
Committee Chair: Lauren Turner
Committee Email: marketing@canineprofessionals.com

Member Support Committee

The Member Support Committee aims to support the education and access to professional, developmental resources for members and create more systems and processes that improve the overall member experience.

Board Oversight: Laura King & Tori Tilley
Committee Chair: 
Committee Email:

Protection Sports Committee

Board Oversight: Fabian Romo-Vargas
Committee Chair:
Committee Email:

Service Dog Committee

The IACP's Service Dog Committee aims to create a valuable base of educational learning and information for current and potential service dog trainers, businesses, and the general public.

Board Oversight: Rick Alto
Committee Chair: Michele Khol
Committee Email: sdcmte@canineprofessionals.com

Therapy Dog Committee

The IACP Therapy Dog Committee's main objective is to assist and educate canine professionals in the training and use of therapy dog teams. They aim to create a valuable base of educational learning and information for current and potential therapy dog trainers, handlers, businesses, and the general public.

Board Oversight: Laura King
Committee Chair: Janet Schultz
Committee Email: tdcmte@canineprofessionals.com