IACP's Canine Professional Hall of Fame

Member Hall of Fame Award Nomination

The IACP Membership Hall of Fame has been established to recognize and honor those within our membership whose dedication to the organization made a lasting legacy that all will benefit from. It is awarded to a member whose dedication, commitment and work accomplishments left a durable influence of value and integrity to the IACP, and, or were a solid influence on the path of the IACP as a significant organization. Candidates are chosen by nominations submitted from the general membership, which are given to the Membership Hall of Fame (MHOF) Committee, who review the nominations and make the final judgment as to whom receives the award.

Member Hall of Fame Candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • Can be of any canine profession
  • Must be a Professional or Associate IACP member in good standing for at least five (5) years
  • Deceased candidates may have the five (5) year membership requirement waived but the individual must have been a current member in good standing at the time of their passing.

Candidate nominations from the Membership must:

  • Be made by an IACP Professional OR Associate member, with a second IACP Professional or Associate member’s signature (electronic or on paper) agreeing to and verifying the nomination.
  • Include a biography of the candidate being nominated.
  • Include a photograph of the candidate.
  • Include substantial reasons as well as background as to why the candidate should be considered for admission to the Member Hall of Fame.

Substantial reasons are investments of:

  • Time
  • Ideas
  • Energy
  • And/or other resources

Exclusions: Persons meeting the following criteria are not eligible to be nominated or inducted into the Hall of Fame

  • Immediate family of sitting committee members (including Board Oversight Director)
  • Business partners of sitting committee members (including Board Oversight Director)
  • Members who have a pending grievance filed against them
  • Sitting Committee Members (including Board Oversight Director) are not eligible until one (1) year after they have left the committee

To Submit a nomination, complete the Member Hall of Fame Nomination Form


Member Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Questions maybe submitted to tracy.atkins@canineprofessionals.com