Tamasine Smith
Tamasine Smith

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Tamasine Smith
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Leadchanges Behaviour Modification
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01379 687840
Address 1:
Washbrook Farm
Address 2:
Fersfield Road
Kenninghall, Norfolk
NR16 2DP
United Kingdom
Training and Courses:
British College of Canine Studies - Behaviour Practitioner Diploma
British College of Canine Studies - Certificate in First Aid
British College of Canine Studies - Certificate in UK Dog Law
On line Growl Class and SIRIUS training
Webinar - CPD - Rethinking socialisation for puppies Sarah Whitehead
Dr Karen Overall Behaviour Seminar 2017 - CPD
Talking Dogs Scentwork - Level 1 & 2
Agility classes
Over 20 years in horse psychology and the interconnection between horses and humans, much of which is the same for dogs
Product Description:
Behaviour modification work with dogs - home visits and setting up at my home where I can take in dogs for more intensive training time. Reunite and work with owners and their dogs to re-establish the connection and understanding in the relationship.
Will offer daycare services for those who struggle to find places of less sociable dogs - behaviour work included.
Also help people teach their dogs to drive using a dog sulky - often helpful in focusing the mind during behaviour work
Describe Courses:
Work with owners and their dogs for purposes of behaviour modification. At the owner's home or (in the near future) at my own place.

Will be able to offer small scale socialisation classes for teaching owners more about how to work with less sociable dogs and offer skills to work on during the behaviour modification process and more up to date puppy classes.

One on one work offered for teaching owners how to drive their dogs using a dog sulky - the process is set up to gradually introduce the dog to equipment and commands and grow confidence.
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Daycare, Behavior Modification, Shelter/Rescue/Volunteer/Club
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