By Andy Luper of a Canine Academy International

The title might sound political but  it isn't. Rather, this is written from the dogs point of view for owners who don't seem to "get it" despite their best intentions, and the advice of a qualified professional.

Dear owner,  your dog would like you to know:
1. Despite you giving us human names, we are in fact dogs that react to you and our environment.
2. What is most important to us is not who gives us the most cookies, kisses and cuddles; but rather to have a leader to follow, as most of us, in varying degrees, are born to follow.
3. We know you love us and we unconditionally love you. It is when you show leadership however, that teaches us to also respect you.
4. If you respect our needs, as well as love us you will strive to interact with us in a way we can relate to as canines, that conveys the leadership we need.
5. The more you convey leadership, the more secure we feel in assuming a role of calm devoted followers, who are receptive to adhering to the boundaries you set to our behavior.
6. Don't expect us to know right from wrong, but rather seek to change the way you interact with us, to change our reactions.
7. Since every pack has a leader; if you don't assume that role than I will have too and that is a big burden for one who was born to follow.
8. When you ignore a behavior, or wait too long to react to it, that means to us, that you accept that behavior. We do not understand English, and we are not psychic.
9. Nothing confuses us more than you being inconsistent.
10. When you send us to a "Doggie Training Camp", away from the environment, and people that have inadvertently nurtured the behavior you don't like, it can make it easier to for us to adopt new behaviors and ways of being, while we are with trainers that know how to convey leadership and make it clear to us what behavior is acceptable and which behaviors are not.
11. When we come home, is when you job begins as a new type of owner, that gives us boundaries, and conveys the leadership we need.
12. We as dogs will test you, and be inclined to revert to our old behaviors, to assume the role of leadership we had when you sent us away to be trained, if you do not apply the exercises, techniques, and principles conveyed by our trainer, in viewing every interaction with us as an opportunity of either conveying leadership, or not, as we do.
13. If the techniques you saw to be effective are not working for you: it means you are doing something different than the trainer did, which are related to, intensity, timing, and consistency.
14. You can pay someone to teach us, and you, but only you changing the way you interact with us will achieve the real change you seek in how I react to you.
15. Money can buy you a fine trained dog, but only love and "calm assertive" and consistent leadership will make my tail wag.

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