IACP Member Benefits for Canine Professionals

Membership Applications Have Moved!

The IACP has switched membership platforms. The membership application is now available on our new membership platform found here: https://iacp.us.hivebrite.com/page/member-benefits

Please email support@canineprofessionals.com with any questions

Why Join The International Association of Canine Professionals?

The International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) welcomes all working disciplines and training philosophies from the canine profession. We are an inclusive group that supports an open minded approach to dog training while encouraging a wide variety of humane methods, approaches, equipment and tools.

With a rapidly growing membership, we are one of the only organizations to represent all canine professionals, sport dog enthusiasts and competitors, manufacturers, and retailers to provide opportunities for members to communicate, cooperate and learn from fellow professionals in all sectors of the industry.

Our mission is to educate, promote, protect and support excellence in the canine community.

Benefits of Membership

Build Your Business (Business Building and Assistance)

  • Professionals and Associates can use the IACP logo on all business materials as well as online. This promotes your business while adding credibility and confidence for your clients.
  • Health insurance, prescription discounts and other benefits
  • Support with business challenges concerning dogs, clients or professional matters
  • Professional and Associate Members have the opportunity to get insurance through dedicated programs specifically for the IACP
  • Searchable on our IACP website's "Find a Trainer" search function for Dog owners
  • Discounts on dog products and services from our Sponsors
  • Enjoy support from Administrative Office Staff
  • Five Levels of Certification
  • The ability to play a role in bettering the industry by serving on committees and workgroups

Grow Your Network (Networking)

  • Our US Annual Education Conference is a great place to meet other canine professionals, explore products and create relationships with our vendors
  • Join Regional Groups providing networking, support, and education
  • Facebook members-only group allows exchange of ideas and questions of thousands of members worldwide in a supportive environment
  • Business building help from top professionals in the field
  • Form relationships with a variety of experts in fields including: dog sports, working dogs (including protection and police), service and therapy dogs, behavior modification, and veterinary
  • Grow a referral network

Expand Your Mind (Continue Your Education with multiple levels of certification)

  • Annual Educational Conference is the best place to learn new skills and methodologies from the top names in the industry.
  • IACP certifications are unique and highlight your experience, expertise and knowledge. With multi-levels of certifications the IACP is here to help you advance your skill set.
  • The IACP welcomes the humane uses of all tools, this allows you to increase your education to provide the best approach to your clients.
  • Enjoy our quarterly Canine Professional Journal, an outstanding educational resource.
  • Learn from the highest-regarded experts in the field by attending workshops and seminars.
  • Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in a vast array of subjects from experts in a wide range of methodologies and techniques.