Each year, the Board of Directors vote to acknowledge a Member whose outstanding Volunteerism helped further the IACP’s integrity and value as a significant organization within the industry.

Their dedication, commitment and work performance went above and beyond projected estimates & their enormous accomplishments within the year were directly responsible for the IACP’s continued success as “the premier association for Canine Professionals.” As a modest token of gratitude from the Board of Directors, and to recognize and honor this person’s invaluable contribution, this distinguished award is announced and presented to the recipient at the awards dinner celebration during the Annual Educational Conference.

Award Recipients:

  • 2020 Christine Hixson and John Imler
  • 2018 Monica Davis and Julie Hart
  • 2017 Elizabeth Vasconi
  • 2016 Mailey McLaughlin and Tawni McBee
  • 2015 Bill Creasy
  • 2014 Leslie Horton
  • 2013 Mailey McLaughlin
  • 2012 Cyndi Graham
  • 2011 Al Marx
  • 2010 Denise Collins
  • 2009 Vivian Bregman
  • 2008 Karen Palmer
  • 2007 Martin Deeley
  • 2006 Janeen McMurtrie
  • 2005 Cyndy Douan
  • 2004 Pat Trichter
  • 2003 Martin Deeley
  • 2002 Robin MacFarlane