Helping Vets

Martin Deeley | IACP

It's a Two Way Street...

– Martin Deeley

In any business, referrals from trusted people can often be the lifeblood of an operation, providing growth and financial stability for you. Referrals by previous clients are always a good source of new ones but one of the most trusted sources for dog owners is their Veterinarians. Owner’s problems, regarding their dog, are poured out over the veterinarian’s table and it begins the moment they ...

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Client Complaints


The Client Complains - Now What?

Shirley Greene

Some rules of business are fairly straightforward: Grow your business, maintain or decrease your debt, and you will profit. Another good rule is that businesses selling a product cannot be managed the same as those offering a service. If you deal in tangibles, you are "market" driven. And, if you provide a service, you are "customer" driven. To me, that means a customer doesn't make contact until ...

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