Public Access Test

Public Access Test (PAT) Authorized Administrator

In order to become an International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) Public Access Test (PAT) Authorized Administrator, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Current member in good standing in the IACP (Not a member? Click here to join!)
  • Certified Dog Trainer through the IACP
  • Successfully completed the IACP Authorized Administrator Program, and
  • Received written approval from the IACP Service Dog Committee to perform the PAT

The IACP Public Access Test Authorized Administrator Program has the following process:

  • Register on the IACP Website to take the Authorized Administrator Program
  • Sign the PAT Authorized Administrator Attestation Form
  • Watch the PAT Power Point
  • Pay the $100.00 exam fee
  • Take the on-line exam (it is a Pass or Fail test). A passing score is 84% or 84 points out of 100. There are 25 multiple choice questions worth 4 points apiece. The test has a 30-minute time limit and the questions are randomized, so no two tests are the same.
  • After passing the online exam, the applicant will submit a personally performed video conducting a Public Access Test with a Service Dog/Handler team as specified in the IACP PAT instructions. The completed video will be uploaded into the applicant’s assigned folder on the IACP website and will be graded by a panel of IACP Certified Service Dog trainers who have been appointed by the IACP Service Dog Committee. The applicant’s PAT video submission must receive a Passing score.
  • Once the above requirements have been successfully completed, the applicant will receive written authorization to administer the IACP Public Access Test by the IACP Service Dog Committee. This authorization is valid for 2 years and will require renewal by application, payment of fee and submission of a new video conducting the IACP Public Access Test in order to remain an IACP Authorized Administrator.

Note: This is not a means of certification for a Service Dog Team as the IACP recognizes that not all legislative authorities require or recognize certifications for Service Dog/Handler teams. The Public Access test is intended to be a tool to enable the Service Dog trainer to measure the service dog and handler skills at a defined period of time and on a specific date. The IACP Public Access test may be conducted in-person or by live video. Pre-recorded video is not authorized.

Please remember, you must be an IACP member and an IACP - CDT to take the PAT exam.

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