The Service Dog Committee is proud to introduce our Service Dog International Project.

The SD International Project is dedicated to the needs and voices of individuals who utilize the services of a trained service animal, and businesses and the general public who come in contact with them. Like its name suggests, the International Project is established to provide global representation with goals to help countries develop laws, offer assistance in legislative issues, create educational materials, and to provide education to service dog organizations, trainers, handlers and businesses.

The SD International Project commends to all IACP professional service dog trainers, regardless of the country where they reside, the value of the IACP “Public Access Test” in the training and evaluation of service dogs in training and its ability to determine the success of all acquired and required training to meet the legal definition of a “Trained Service Animal” status in their own country.

A key aim of the Service Dog International Project is to develop a database of resources for international and domestic partners. We like to call this a “Worldwide International Service Dog Data Base”. Information in this database will include details related to air travel, public transportation, housing, disability rights, and much more with regard to Service dogs and Emotional support animals (ESA).

The Service Dog International Project team welcomes inquires, questions and those who are interested in helping us put this valuable and much needed information together.

IACP's Service Dog Committee

To contact the IACP's Service Dog Committee email them at SDcmte@canineprofessionals.com