Service Dog Trainer Certification CEU's

Service Dog Trainer requirements for Maintaining Certification

Continuing Education for CSDT

IACP Certified Service Dog Trainers-must complete 20 hours of continuing education every two years. Hours may be accumulated by attending seminars, lectures, workshops, conferences, and/or classes offered through educational institutions, medical and other providers upon approval and acceptance by the IACP Service Dog Committee.

For Non-approved CEU’s, please contact the IACP Service Dog Committee via email at IACPSDCmte@gmail.com with name of person/provider hosting the educational opportunity, instructor bio, materials such as hand-outs, forms, etc. Acceptance of this proof is at the discretion of the Service Dog Committee. We highly recommend sending this information for review prior to attending the CEU so that there is verification of potential credit.

Proof of CEU’s may be submitted yearly or every two years using the IACP Service Dog Committee official form (no other form is acceptable). This proof will be sent to the IACP administrative offices for filing and then will be forwarded to the chair of the Service Dog Committee Certification Workgroup, or their designated agent. CEU’s for CSDT may be used concurrent with CDTA or PDTI CEU’s.

  • 5 hours must focus on Service Dog specific training and/or Disability processes. a) Medical/Disability/disease related seminars etc. may be approved towards CEU
  • 10 hours must focus on Dog Behavior and Training
  • 5 hours may focus on
    • Professional Development
    • Communication Skills
    • Instructing Skills

Note: If none of the Professional Development, Communication or Instructing Skills educational topics are available, then a total of 10 hours of service dog specific training and/or disability processes or 15 hours of Dog Behavior and Training may be accepted.

Accepted proof of CEUs from non-pre-approved seminars: a copy of the certificate of attendance provided by the organization or person hosting the educational opportunity, materials such as hand-outs, forms, etc. Acceptance of this proof is at the discretion of the Service Dog Committee.

If you have not submitted the CEU forms by the second anniversary date of your CSDT, your CSDT will be placed on suspended status for a period of 90 days, during which time you may not use the CSDT designation. Your CSDT will be reinstated if you meet the requirements within 90 days of suspension. If you do not meet the CEU requirements within this 90-day suspension grace period, your CSDT will be voided. If you wish to re-obtain your CSDT, you will be required to go through the full CSDT application and testing process again.

Membership Requirements

IACP CSDT holders are required to maintain their IACP Professional Membership, remain in good standing with the organization, and abide by the IACP’s Code of Conduct and certification policies as well as the IACP Service Dog Standards of Behavior for Service Dogs, Service Dog Training Industry public conventions and morals. It is incumbent upon CSDT holders to be aware of their expiration date and to renew membership before expiration. If your IACP membership should expire, a grace period of 90 days will be extended, after which your CSDT will be voided and you will be required to reapply and retest for the CSDT.

PLEASE NOTE: Any investigation of purported violation of the IACP Code of Conduct which results in a member being removed from the IACP membership shall also include removal of all IACP Certification. Any sanction placed on an IACP Member resulting from violation of the IACP Code of Conduct, shall also have sanctions placed on all IACP Certification Status.

Any complaint of purported violation with due regards to the public conventions and morals of the Service Dog Training Industry or of a trainer exceeding their ability/skill to train or not meeting the standards of behavior for service animals as adopted by the IACP SD Committee shall result in an investigation by the Service Dog Committee who may make recommendation to the IACP Board of Directors for removal of the IACP CSDT certification.

Do you have a specific seminar, workshop or conference that you would like considered for CSDT CEU?

Please contact the IACP Service Dog Committee, CSDT Workgroup at SDcmte@canineprofessionals.com