Basic Fit and Function of Training Tools

E-collars, slips/chokes, head halters, front and rear-clipping harnesses, prong and Starmark collars, etc.

  • James Hamm - How to fit an e-collar and the concept of working levels
  • Josh Donahue - How to find a dog’s working level on an e-collar
  • Cesar Millan team - Basics of how to use a slip lead
  • - How to size an Eazy Walk Harness
  • Courteous Canine Training - How to introduce a Halti and desensitize a dog to it
  • Take The Lead Dog Training - Basic functionality and fit of a choke
  • Starmark - Fitting, adjusting, and using Starmark Collars
  • Lucas Agnew - Fitting a prong collar and introducing a dog to pressure and release
  • Suburban K9 Dog Training - Fitting a prong collar and how to work with the links
  • Camilo Pineda - Fitting a martingale collar properly
  • Thriving Canine - Why to use a martingale and its advantages
  • Robin Macfarlane - Using an e-collar for teaching a puppy to come when called
  • Garmin/James - E-collar training theory and technique overview
  • Larry Krohn - Beginning E-collar Training with an Anxious Doberman"